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Thread: New to car pc's... Have sirius and streets and trips, need help under ride runner

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    Question New to car pc's... Have sirius and streets and trips, need help under ride runner

    Hi all, The amount of information I have acquired from this (and other) sites is incredible. I have gotten my sirius working under centrafuse, but I like the look of riderunner better (and hoping I can get streets and trips 2010 to embed properly). I'm sorry for sounding like a newbie but in this area I am. I purchased the MJS scc1 to usb box and it works flawlessly, major props to that guy for his time/effort into developing it. Is there a plugin I'm missing in riderunner? I've looked at the directories etc using the dxfx5 skin and can't seem to find it. I would also like to know if there is a way to embed streets and trips and have it run correctly through ride runner's interface. (I'm a cross country truck driver and need to be able to plug in custom routes etc). I built a quad core 12 gigs of ram pc for use as my "carpc" running windows 7x64. I've gotten the 2 pieces of software configured and working outside of riderunner, now I'd just like to be able to incorporate them INTO riderunner

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    When installing RR, there's a checkbox you have to select to install the SIRIUS plugin when you select "RADIO" support. You must install that plugin for it to work.

    Once you have installed the plugin you need to go into RRConfig and set the port and any other options you want to use in the SIRIUS radio. From that point on, any skin that has support for sirius should be able to list your stations, tune, etc.

    For Streets & Trips
    You need to go in the GPS settings in RRConfig and set the path to the exe (i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets and Trips\Streets.exe), then set it to "External" for GPS option and set the GPS window Name to : Map - Microsoft Streets & Trips

    After that it's just the awkward part of using all the small buttons/menus on streets & trips, but it should work.

    For the computer you're running that's pretty overkill for anything I can think of, but that means you should get some very fast responses on any FE you use.
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