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Thread: RR 04-01-2011 Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post
    generally touch screens dont have mouse overs...
    while im sure its possible... is it worth the programming effort
    May I add that even though this was written primarily for a car enviro, that because of the huge flexibility that RR has, has a ton more applications outside of the said car enviro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RS200Z View Post
    - MPCVidRR Player; remove full screen mode, because of bugs in mplayerc.exe with its webserver

    Will full screen mode for the MPC be supported again? Not sure about 'bugs in mplayerc.exe with its webserver' but I didn't seem to have problem with earlier version of RideRunner going full screen in video player via the "HIDECONTROLS" command.

    that has nothing to do with what you think it does
    its a MODE of Media Player Classic, when in "full screen mode" it will auto hide the mouse pointer, but once we put it in full screen mode, its webserver fails to return our required info...
    its like it was a few months ago...

    mpc-hc is the way to go

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    do we have to make an account and login to get RR now?

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    Is it just me or can i not be able to download RR? That website has got me going through loops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pieisgude View Post
    Is it just me or can i not be able to download RR? That website has got me going through loops.
    Same here. Can some else confirm this?

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