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Thread: RR 5/1/2011 > foobar2000 Player notes

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    I don't know how it works now but I know that a year ago RR didn't receive an actual track list from Foobar but it only knew which tracks it passed to Foobar.
    With .cue lists this method doesn't work properly because one .cue file is extracted by Foobar in a lot of tracks.
    So I was forced to write my own audio module for RR<->Foobar.
    I use this module now but it works via COMAutomationServer so it is not quite stable (((

    2 Mitch: unfortunately I am not good at writing a COM objects in C++. Is it possible to get your sources? I think I can add the supporting of .cue sheets and then you will be able to add this functionality to the RR after your review.
    Thank you in advance,
    Odessa, Ukraine

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    exist the riderunner server component seperatly to install without installing complete riderunner?

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