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Thread: install fail

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    install fail


    i have a problem whit installing ride runner.
    downloaded it and installed it on win 7 32 bit.

    program is installed and rrconfig.exe must start.

    but the only thing i get is.

    line 426 (File "C:\Program Files\RideRunner\RRConfig.exe"):

    Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscript or subscript dimension range exceeded.

    I traided win xp pro and same problem
    then new windows 7 ultimate 32bit install and the same problem.

    can anybody help me

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    May be , delete the rr.ini and launch rrconfig again

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    i traided it but unfortunaly it didn't help.

    same error.

    what am i doing wrong?
    do i need to install anything more.

    i know from the past that i need to install winamp.
    win 7 is fully up to date.
    all drivers are up to date and working.

    what ca i do next.
    i have downloaded ther install file again and installed it, but the same problem.

    greets Jurrian

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    ow my systym is.
    Motherbord: MSI 890GXM-G65
    Processor: AMD 910E am3
    Memory: 4GB kingston ddr3 but 1GB is used by graphic card
    HD: 2 sata WD WD5000BEVT
    sat: BU-353
    IVT Corporation BS005
    silabs usb radio

    i have traided it whit only motherbord and harddisks but also didn't help

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    maybe dont bother with rrconfig... oddly no one has the issue.. so what makes your setup special...
    UAC on or off? try it OFF
    or run rrconfig.exe as Admin
    (right click)

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