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Thread: iGuidance 2011 and Riderunner

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    iGuidance 2011 and Riderunner

    I have actually two questions. I will try to cover both in this thread. The more important question first....

    When I had iGuidance4 it worked fine inside Elite Lite, but today I updated to iGuidance 2011. Now it opens in an external Window. I tried multiple settings inside the config, but everything opens an external window. At first it would not even open! What am I doing wrong here?

    Second question is, how do i get rid of the ride runner reminder window that pops up every time I come out of hibernation now? It annoys me.

    Could someone please take a screenshot of the GPS settings that has iGuidance working with elite lite or maybe any supporting skin.
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    1. It's all about the window name. Find out what the window name is and all should be good. How to embed ay GPS program into RR - NB read the FAQ in post of this thread for further info.

    2. It's amazng what you can fin in the RR FAQ How do I disable the reminder screen?

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    Amazing.... sorry. Thanks.
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