RR is attenuating the sound (almost muting) when playing mp3s, volume is fine when using XM, and HD radio, haven't tried internet radio. When I play mp3s directly through winamp, the volume is fine.

So I need to see what internet radio does, and of course, try it with carwings.

Damn, I think I'm going to start a thread about why you shouldn't build a car/boat PC. Nothing works and it takes hours to troubleshoot, and then USB drivers don't load consistently every time you boot.

So far today:

Secondary touchscreen doesn't work (reboot fixed)
secondary display doesn't have VGA signal (reboot fixed)
XM radio doesn't work (reboot fixed, suspect XM-USB adapter)
USB-serial converted GPS causing erratic mouse activity (turned off something on the com port)
RREarth doesn't work
RRVoice doesn't work from DFX5

Great start to the 4th weekend.