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Thread: Getting Locked out at startup

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    Getting Locked out at startup

    Hello guys, first of all thanks for viewing this and considering helping me out.

    I have recently started a new project converting an old Dell Inspirion6400 laptop into an in car pc. I have been stalking the forums for a year or so and have finally had some time to get to install in the car and finalise the software customizing and tweaks. I have hit a small snag which I cant seem to solve and cant find anything in the forums to enlighten me.

    When I start RR (using the lastest DFX 5 skin) it brings up a pin pad and login type screen. I think it is the valet setting. I havent set any password (to my knowledge) and when I hit ESC key on the standard keyboard it disapears. QUESTION: Is there a option within the plugin or RR config itself that I have missed that will stop this from coming up?

    Thanks again for paying attention


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    Welcome to the forums! This should really have been posted in the DFX thread Simply press 1234 on the keypad. Have a look at the help documents that came with DFX, it is under the section "How do I unlock the system".
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    Thanks for your quick reply John. Found it instantly. A huge help. Thankyou.

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