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Thread: Byind & exists???

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    i dont know anything about that loadlist command....
    i cant see it doing what u think someone said it would do...

    "LOADLIST" - This allows you to load a playlist from disk, with a custom name. You specify the full path and optionally
    the name of the playlist. This commands only adds to the current playlist in repeat mode (i.e. "!LOADLIST").
    Example: "LOADLIST;C:\Test.m3u;My Playlist"

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Thanks again. That's what I figured as well. What is the best way to load a cd into a playlist?

    I found a program called CLAmp (to control winamp) and this command works if I use it in windows "run" prompt.

    "C:\CLAmp\CLAmp.exe" /CDPLAY

    However if I use it in RR like RUN;"C:\CLAmp\CLAmp.exe" /CDPLAY it does not work. Also tried it with RUNW, RUNQW, AND RUNQ. None of the commands work. I think that ride runner is ending the process before it completes. In fact other RUN commands do not work either. Such as "RUNQW;cscript.exe" "$rrpath$\SmartPlayLists\queryWinamp.vbs" "$winamppath$" "type=0" " as in the SmartPlayListsRRPlugin. Any idea how to get the RUN command to work properly?

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