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Thread: is it me or rr?

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    ok, so instead of making a new thread, i'll piggyback off my old one. i know for sure that this is a dfx5 issue, just not sure where to go with it.

    my dsatx went bad a couple months ago, and i finally got everything reinstalled in the car. while it was out, i had updated to either the june/july version of rr, and updated the dfx skin to 5.1 as well.

    after getting it reinstalled in the car, i found that i could not load any playlists. tested in carwings-- works, so it was def a issue with dfx5. but i let it go-- the random-50 songs still worked, so i just used it till i had time to trouble shoot.

    today, the notification popped up that rr needed to be updated.

    i downloaded the september version of rr, and downloaded a fresh copy of dfx 5.1 skin and dfx5.1R patch.

    i then uninstalled dfx5 and rr in that order, then cleaned the registry, and deleted the rr folder in the Crogram files directory.

    i also had a notification that there was a newer version of winamp, so i uninstalled that, wiped the registry, and downloaded, installed, and configured the newer version.

    i reinstalled rr, and then installed dfx5, but did not patch it yet.

    after reinstalling, i ran the rrconfig and set it up.

    i launched it, and everything worked perfect-- until i tried exiting..(eventually got the windows 'program not responding' error)

    for some reason rr w/ dfx 5 will not exit.

    i restarted rr using carwings, and everything works correctly, including exit.

    any ideas?

    lunch is ready, so i dont have time to post the debug/ini now, but will update later this afternoon.

    edit: added rr ini and debug log. it also appears that the song info and current time and end time of a song are also not displaying in dfx5
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    I HIGHLY recommend you read post#2 in the dfx5 thread! Did you NOT read the note directly above the link to the NISU site in the Sept RR release thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    "Tag & Rename" is an INDEFENSIBLE program for this!
    You sir, are a hero!

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    And just an FYI for those using Tag & Rename:

    When you are viewing an album, you can use the pull-down menu's Tools>Get Album Titles From Amazon/ You can put the artist and album name in there and it will get all of the tags for you, including the album art 98% of the time, embed the album art in the individual MP3's and save it as Folder.jpg as well.

    IF the tracks are out of order and do not match up, you can drag them up and down in the lost to organize them correctly.
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