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Thread: NEW RRCONFIG - Beta Testing done (for now)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post

    added "extras" editing

    cleaned up all existing nodes

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    Just has this happened on two PC's now.

    Using the RRConfig supplied with the latest RR (October version) on an old rr.ini.

    The skins paths have all their '\' taken away, so when you save and exit and then run rr, it says crogram filesriderunnerskinsidriveT is not an valid skin.

    This is non-profile mode

    XP SP3

    and it happens with both the day and night skins paths

    It's an easy fix as you just run rrconfig and browse each one to the correct skin path.

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    ideally its switching you to non absolute path


    SkinPath=C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Skins\MySkin\

    turns into


    when u save and exit in rrconfig

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