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Thread: Any newbie tutorial out there post 2011?

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    Nomander you were right, And thanks again to JohnWPB for pointing that out as well.
    I left COM3 for xPort and created 2 new port (COM2 - COM6) placed COM2 for IG and COM6 for RR. Restarted my PC and now no error messages :-)
    Although I am still getting the same problem with no audio for sirius and HD radio. But video and music form the HDD works. This makes me assume that it's either something wrong with the external soundcard (Creative X-Fi PRO) or the MJS UAS not sending a signal out. But I would really doubt anything is wrong with the UAS.
    I'll let you guys no if I still get the BSOD occasionally or if that was related to improper settings on xPort

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    I created 2 port via xport and used those 2 ports on IG and RR. Now RR is working fine and sirius opens :-) Thanks for the help!
    Now the only problem I have is I still get no sound on HD radio and Sirius. Everything else works. I'm using an external soundcard and the UAS device.

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    In the RRConfig, General>Pg 4> bottom, did you set what ports you have those plugged into so that RR knows what port to tell the UAS device to switch to?
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    I did set the port accordingly in RRconfig to match my setup.
    After a few tryouts and inspection, the problem with the no audio on sirius and HD radio is becoming more narrowed. This is what I know:
    I'm using an external USB Creative xfi pro soundcard
    My Sirius radio and HD radio is connected to the UAS and the UAS to my external sound card line in
    When I do a uninstall and re-install of my creative xfi driver cd, I can hear music on my sirius and on my HD radio. Everything works great
    Whenever I turn off the car and it goes to hibernate. After I come back and restart the car, resume windows, I get no sound from sirius and HD radio
    If I go into control panel - sound - devices, and I look at the recording section where the line in settings is located, I can see the sound volume back in green going up and down, so it appears that the sound makes it way all the way in the line in of my external sound card, but no sound come out of the speakers...
    I read something online that if I switch from high speed to full speed in the creative property program that it fixes the issue with the card not resuming from hibernation, but I tried both method and no result. I've also updated to the beta driver in creative support page and no luck either
    btw, I'm using windows 7 32bit

    Does anyone else have a creative soundblaster X-Fi pro that can help?

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    This may or may not help you. But many of my hibernate/resume issues involved USB devices. I too am using Windows 7 What helped me was going into Device Manger, right-clicking and viewing the properties of each USB device and hub. Where there is an advanced tab, uncheck the option to 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' option. Do this for every USB item that has this option (not everything will). If it helps you, then you can go back (if you want) and turn them back on one-at-a-time between resume and hibernate, until the problem returns. I didn't do that part because really, the option doesn't make much difference to me in a car environment.

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