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Thread: ONLINE and OFFLINE events - How does RR determine this?

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    ONLINE and OFFLINE events - How does RR determine this?

    I connect to the Internet from some apps embedded in RR via a USB RNDIS connection to WMWifiRouter (no ActiveSync needed) on my HTC Touch Pro.

    During testing when I used WiFi (not using phone), RR seemed to quickly determine online/offline status.

    However, when switched to WMWiFiRouter, the only time RR seems to fire these events is if I reboot the phone. Neither unplugging the usb cable nor turing off the phone cell radio causes the RR status to change. Interestingly, WMWiFiRouter handles both these situations and recovers without complaint.

    Other than the ONLINE/OFFLINE events, this tethering approach works great.

    So, my question is how does RR determine these states and fire the event(s)?


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    RR determines it by whether or not you have an IP addy. If your connected to a network, regardless of whether or not that network as inet access, is considered by RR to be "ONLINE".
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    RR behavior seemed to be something like that.

    I guess I'll write a quick plugin with a thread that uses something like System.Net.DNS to poll if a URL can be resolved, If yes, Internet connection, if not, no Internet.

    Thanks for the input.

    Tethering the way I do, makes Windows (and RR) think there is a connection since WMWiFiRouter acts just like a real router, has a DHCP, and supplies an IP address.


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