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Thread: How does the ONTIMER event work?

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    How does the ONTIMER event work?

    I have "looked for" ONTIMER in the ProcessCommand entries in my plugins.

    I have tried to process "ONTIMER" in ExecTbl.ini using the following:

    and nothing shows up.

    How does this event work?

    Do I need to specify something?

    BTW, what happended to the "screerefresh" RR.ini setting?


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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    /, (TMR) Timer event
    /, Seconds
    The above defines the number of seconds after loading the screen RR will wait to
    execute the "TIMER" event that can be defined in ExecTBL.INI so a command is executed at such time.
    This event is re-occurring, so every few XXX seconds it will re-execute the TIMER event. You can use
    a simple variable switch to prevent it from executing your command more than once (if desired).

    For TIMER, read ONTIMER

    in exectbl.ini




    10 seconds after entering the EXIT command will be sent.

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    OK, now I understand how that works.

    Somehow I got the idea that RR maintained a GUI timer for doing things like updating the time of day and was passing that event on as ONTIMER. Not so, too bad.

    So, my requirement is to do something every 10 seconds for example regardless of what screen is being displayed.

    Any thoughts on how I might do that?


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    just a FYI use of TMR is... when a screen timer is needed...

    + Skin definition; TIMER - "TMR" additional option:
    ARGUMENT 2: is optional, this argument should be enclosed in quotes and is a command that will be executed
    when the timer expires. If this argument is not present, "ONTIMER" event is fired as usual.
    example: TMR,5,"PlaySound;$SKINPATH$Sounds\Click.wav"
    This will play the click.wav sound every 5 seconds.

    this would be the perferred method, and no need to touch exectbl.ini

    for global timer, yes... rrextended

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    RRExtended - General Timers did the trick.

    As usual, my thanks.


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