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Thread: Cant find the RR ini file,sugestions?

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    Cant find the RR ini file,sugestions?

    Be nice i have read alotr on this,and can NOT find the RR ini file,lets try basics,is this part of initial install for RR via a CD or some thing? so if im understanding a good part of this,that would all make sense,some input would be nice,as i couldnt find any ini file,please humor me some,and point me in the right direction,also can one write as RR ini and intergrate it in to the windows system as well manually? let the emails roll!
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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    RR.ini will usually be found in one of two places, depending on which mode you chose during install

    If you chose profile mode it will be in

    C:\My Documents\Ride Runner (there may not be a space between ride & runner)

    if you did not chose profile mode it will be in

    C:\program files\riderunner

    Have a read of this thread to help with profile mode files etc

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    also when installing RR you can install skin tool ,,, it has a button for files,, which lists the rr.ini ,,, and more ,,,
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