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Thread: Music organization?? And unwanted tracks in media list

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    Music organization?? And unwanted tracks in media list

    Okay. Im an idiot and everything I do gets messed up!

    Anyways, Im using RR with the Reborn skin, and I selected the music path using RR config C:\Users\Mypc\Documents\Music\
    And in the Music folder is more folders that are the artists, and inside those folders are the songs (Wanted to make it so I open RR, Click Music, And see all my artists, click an artist, pick a song to play.)
    Well, I then restarted RR, And click music and i see ALL my songs, Not in folders, some with messed up names, and other sounds from windows in it too...What the hell did i do wrong here? lol

    However, If I click a button on the skin that appears to be an eject button, It brings up all my artists folders I created and plays them how I want! And without all the mixed in windows sound files too.

    So my question I guess is, How do I make it so it brings ONLY up my artist folders when I click music? Instead of hundreds and hundreds of random sound files...
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    set up with carwings 1st, reborn is a little confusing, cause one doesnt know what all those buttons are for, with just symbols on them

    here is a suggestion for settings *course put ur paths in, one you show is quite invalid

    [Audio Player - Paths]
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    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Oops, Just realized with my path I put two C Drives Whoops! Fixed it to how it really is

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