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Thread: alternative to speedfan

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    alternative to speedfan

    just wondering since the good old MBM died a long time ago and only supports 5 year old hardware..
    i was looking for alternative to speedfan, which actually causes a lot of problems on resume (slowing down the whole process)

    core temps is actually a good idea and has an sdk if anyone is up to the job for RR support.

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    I agree about new alternative. I don't have problems with SpeedFan but i don't use hibernate either. Only downside what i have is that SF show only temperatures from my motherboard, no fan speeds or voltages. Sending reports to author have not help either.

    My opinion from Core Temp is that it's way too limited, only cores temps.

    Does anyone have experience from Lavasoft's Everest? I never tried it but I've heard it show very much info from pc.

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    Have you looked at HWiNFO32/64?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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