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Thread: Should the [skin] section of resume,.ini override rr.ini

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    Should the [skin] section of resume,.ini override rr.ini

    Just saw this behaviour.

    When I change "skinpath=" in RR.ini, if resume.ini has a different value for "SKIN_PATH" in the [SKIN] section, the value in resume.ini is used, i.e., RR.ini which I assumed to be primary is, in fact not.

    This came up as I was testing 3 different Riderunner based systems on my development machine. I have a startup program that based on a parameter changes variables in rr.ini to cause the proper configuration to be used which includes the skin directory.

    As I was doing this I noticed that I was always using the same skins whereas each of my target systems uses a different set of skins based on the need of the vehicle in which the system is used.

    If this is the way it is fine, I will simply update my startup program to delete the [SKIN] section of resume.ini as once I did that manually, all worked as expected.


    P.S. Sorry for the typo in the subject, it should read "Should the [skin] section in resume.ini override rr.ini?"

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    Short answer . . . . . . . yes.

    RR.ini's skin= will only be used on first start up.

    If you change the skin while RR is running normally you would want that to be used the next time you run RR. You wouldn't then want it to go back to what the default is there.

    the default is there so that you have a good working skin should the skin you change to crashes RR.

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    Fair enough. This was only a testing issue as I only want to have 1 Riderunner on my development system but need to test more than one logical Riderunner system.

    I took care of that problem, as I said. by deleting the skin section in resume.ini which also works fine in the individual production systems.


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