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Thread: Rookie i Need Help

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    Rookie i Need Help

    I have a 2002 cadillac Deville i have a VM70 7in LCD widescreen touchscreen monitor and a laptop in my trunk what media software do you recommend i use i see alot out there like ride runner and others. please help

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    It depends on what you want it to do. But i recommend you first try FREEICE front end software. Its user friendly and always updated with new add on features and bug fixes and best of all its FREE! You just need to sign up and then you can download it. Centrafuse front end software is ok but it is expensive and you only get one free update. After that you have to pay more for their update and it still will/may have bugs in it. Just my oppinion and does not reflect others on this site.
    Just click on this link: This software developer is also a regular on this site so he always welcomes any feedback.
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