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Thread: MP3 tag organization ideas

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    MP3 tag organization ideas

    I did not where to post this but since I always use RR & everyone here is great I will try to get some ideas.

    I need to organize my tags as they are pretty mesed up.
    I use RR with DFX skin.

    How do you have your tags organized and why? Besides the obvious of course?.

    I was thinking just basic artist names (not with any additional info like (with) for (Duets) or featuring etc)
    Semi generic genres that would cover the basics, for my songs probably about 20-30 different Genres not the hundred or so that they have right now.

    How about the formating like using ' () etc. Should I remove them or keep the special characters?

    Any ideas or suggestions on this subject to organize my tags so I can find songs, groups, Genre's you want and easy?


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    This is usually based on personal preferences, but when you know that your going to be using some kind of voice recognition SW, its best for you to keep it simpler (just the main artist) as all the extra stuff will just make it harder to play either a artist or song. The most frequent ones that I've come across is the feat. this that, sometimes even a whole list of other artists, ya right, like I'm gonna remember all those artists when i want to play that particular artist/song. I particularly, don't care to know all the other featured artists in a song, some want all that info, some don't, its just a preference. The same goes for the Genre, I like to keep this simple too. I think that all the sub and even sub sub genre's are a bit ridiculous. Give me, Rock, R&B, Dance, ect...
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