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Thread: control of line-in mute?

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    control of line-in mute?

    oh, this is running DFX 5.1 on winxp.

    so i put an aux-in in my ashtray, and hooked it to my aux-in jack on my mobo. however, the computer itself and ride runner both start with the aux-line muted.

    so when i go to use my aux-in, i have to go to music/EQ and unmute the line manually. if you could imagine, that's not optimal.

    i did my research, and it turns out you can mess with this in the settings, but only for the radio (so you can pipe in sat radio or DAB). if you do it right, u can tell riderunner to unmute the line when you hit the radio button.

    i'd love to see a button in my music skin for "aux active/muted", but i've tried my hand at skinning and i know that its not easy, especially going back and trying to modify others already completed skins. i also know that you have to include features useful for a wide variety of users, not just one guy with his one setup.

    so i'll settle for hoping there's some way to unmute the aux-in line when you hit the music button.

    lastly, i have an unregistered copy of the DFX 5.1.1 skin, and was wondering if you wanted to trade a $15 itunes gift card in exchange for a registration key.

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    not that i know what to do with it, but it sounds like where i need to be.

    stick a line of code in right within the "load music skin" command to unmute the line.

    even more awesome would be creating a button that, when pressed to unmute the line, would check the current status of the music player, and if play=true, then execute the "pause" command.

    with regards to suggesting to just use the radio function, while i guess i could, but its really convenient to just unplug my ipod, and from the same screen, call up something on my hard drive and hit play.

    i guess mostly im under the impression that im gonna help more than just myself getting this answered. maybe it'll show up on DFX 5.1.2 baked in. I can't possibly be the only one that put a line-in in their carpc.

    3.5mm jacks have native support for everything, and by looking at this thread:

    native ipod support in RR is still being tested.

    i guess i could be wrong tho.

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