I tried posting this in the plugin forums without any success so I wanted to try here and maybe get a few more views.

As the title says I am trying to get Iguidance 2011 & RRFuelPrices to enter cordinates automatically to the gas stations. I am using 6-1-2012 RR & latest DFX5 skin version & latest RRFuelPrices. I have it working in iGuidance 4 but wanted to try to get it to work in 2011.

I know the iguidance exe needs to be edited a little with resource hacker and that is where I am running into the problem. In the instructions it says I need to edit "1092" under the dialog section & number "1092" The exe does not have a "1092" to edit. I was looking at a old thread with Gpsgas which I think what RRFuelPrices uses to do this was based off of. In that thread http://www.mp3car.com/rr-plugins/904...e-addon-3.html the one guy said something about importing the 1092.res file.

So my question is goes anyone know how to get it to work?
Where to get this file and or how to create it to get to get it work with 2011? or a copy of the GpsGas.rar file with the instructions or the 1092. res file in it?