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Thread: Possible PlugIn

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    LOL, ok lets discard this for the moment,the 2 options that are available, are not as perfect as this one can be, this can be used as a real plugin, not just for music, but for almost any type of list where an image is available, even from memory and not just an existing image file.

    @Gizmo, this is implemented into flashback skin for FreeICE. if you want to give it a try let me know.

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    If you send it over I'd have a play with it.. I could use a different type of list by now
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    If you send it over I'd have a play with it.. I could use a different type of list by now
    I new list type as a coverflow mode would be a amazing new option !

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    I think this would be excellent. Used the earlier plugin but it sucked up so many resources that it was virtually unusable.

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