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Thread: Questions before switch from CF to RR

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    Questions before switch from CF to RR

    Hey guys,

    I am thinking about switching to Ride Runner from Centrafuse, because serious bugs simply won't get fixed and long wanted features are not implemented and for me essential plug-ins are not getting updated anymore. Current version is incomplete, too.

    So I have some questions before I decide:
    - Is it possible to use navigation software properly with RR? Like having it lower the music volume or mute it when there is a voice announcement? Maybe even temporarily switch to the navigation screen if you're in the media player or something?
    - Does Bluetooth work like in CF? Like being able to use the phone handsfree?
    - Does it make problems like CF when embedding external applications? For example in CF some programs act different than when external.
    - How does Internet radio work over RR?
    - Is there a good video showing all features incl. navigation implementation of Ride Runner?


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    - There is somekind hack to lower the music volume or mute it when there is a voice announcement.

    - With .net Bluetooth Mobilephone Plugin you can use BlueSoleil handsfree, but Bluesoleil is crap and never going to be reliable handsfree system.

    - RR does not affect embedded apps, apps work like external.

    - There is different internet radio solutions, I prefer RR WebRadio plugin. which work flawlessly.

    - Perhaps there is videos in Youtube? All navigation softwares works embeded, Sygic Fleet, Garmin Mobile PC, iGO8, PC Navigator 11, iGuidance etc.

    RR needs more do it yourself settings and stuff... but it's much more flexible than CF.

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    Can you save both on the same HD while testing? I'm in exactly same boat..only one carpc with 2 programs ...

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    No problem running CF and RR on same drive even a couple others too like Driveline and Freeice. Each just might need flash or others might need .net 4.0 just make sure you have all the prerequisites installed for each app and you should be fine. Just selecting what ever FrontEnd you want to test or use SNO

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    Sweet!!! Thnx... I'm off to testing FreeICE ...

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