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Thread: How to use MBMXX?

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    How to use MBMXX?

    If I want to show the CPU frequency, CPU temperature, the total capacity of the hard disk, CPU fan speed and other system information, how here in MBMXX, and here with TOOLTIP, how to meet the best MBMXX the use, thank you!

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    I'm pretty sure MBM5 stopped development a few years ago. You can try to use it if your motherboard is supported but I'd say you should have a look at speedfan ( which should still work with the SFXXX labels as described by skin commands.txt:

    "SFXXX" - Information from SpeedFan -- SF codes start with a letter denoting the type of Info.
    'v' for voltage, 't' for temperature and 'f' for fan.
    For instance '"SFV3" would be the third voltage sensor
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