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Thread: Bluetooth audio streaming?

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    Bluetooth audio streaming?

    I have a loaner car with a factory stereo - 30 seconds and I had my BlackBerry paired and playing music over Bluetooth. Steering wheel controls let me skip songs and the titles were displayed on the screen.

    Since I have much of my music on my phone and the RoadRunner playlist creator/editor doesn't make much sense, is there a way I can get RR to play music from my phone as described above? Thanks.

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    You can do this with a number of bluetooth receivers as long as they have decent bluetooth software to provide the correct audio services. I have done this in the past and it works entirely separate from any application/front end. Another option would be to find a hardware to just do the audio bridge. Depending on the phone it may just be simpler to pull an audio cable direct to phone.
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    Bumping this one back up. I have a new Car PC computer with a Bluetooth receiver built in. I bought/installed BlueSoleil because I was thinking of using Centrafuse, but I'm looking at RoadRunner again.

    I was able to get my phone to pair with BlueSoleil and BS even came up with a little media controller for skipping/pausing songs. Audio streamed OK over BT too. Centrafuse however seemed to be unable to do anything via BS.

    So are there any RoadRunner plugins that will do what I'm looking for? Thanks!

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