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Thread: Start Navigation from RR

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    Start Navigation from RR

    Hello all,

    I have joined the forums a little while ago, but have not posted yet.
    I am currently trying to set up my CarPC so that it runs RideRunner with music, videos, phone support, and navigation.
    I got the bluetooth and Mobile Phone.NET somewhat working, even though the skin did not install correctly originally.
    But with the navigation, I have got some problems. I am trying to integrate IGO, but IGO Zoomer seems to have entirely disappeared from the face of the Earth.
    So, I would settle for just being able to launch it instead, but I am not sure how I would need to put that command in the .ini skin file. All the other examples assume some kind of skin for it.
    I have figured out how to set the buttons once defined in that .ini file (the one that starts with e).

    If anyone could give me a short pointer in the right direction, I would appreciate it.



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    I believe the IgoZoomer you need is attached to this post - never used it, just did a search online and found a version (1.09).

    Regarding just running it, just set the GPS path in RRConfig and select "External" then RR should just run it when you click the GPS function - you may have to minimize RR depending on the skin and GPS app but it should work fine. You also have the option to simply edit the command to load the GPS screen to execute "RUN;C:\GPS\GPS.exe||MINIMIZE" adjusting the path to run what you need, which will make RR run the app and minimize itself (where to edit the command may vary by skin).
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