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Thread: Is anyone interested in a plugin to control RR from a newer BMW using the K-CAN bus?

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    Is anyone interested in a plugin to control RR from a newer BMW using the K-CAN bus?

    I have been developing a plug-in and external hardware to interface between RR and the K-CAN of a BMW. This is still in development but it is working very well.

    I am using an Arduino and Canbus interface to passively listen to the BMW K-Can bus. (In layman's terms, the K-Can is a 100Khz interface that carries a plethora of car info and controls). For more info see :-_
    Functions of the Arduino:-
    1) Read the Can-bus information and stream it out over a USB Com-port.
    2) Turn the PC and amplifiers on and off when the Lock and Unlock commands are seen.
    3) Replaces the Gong that sounds for the PDC, temperature and seat-belt's (Needed as I have removed the head-unit).
    I am also in the situation where I have added a Bluetooth module and I can stream the data to my Symbian Nokia N8. I guess it is only a small amount of work to create an Android plug-in or Windows phone app.

    The RR plug-in reads the data from the Com-port and parses the data into RR. The control and function is very similar to iBusRR and
    The plug-in had been tested and developed on an E84 BMW, but from what I have seen the E90 also works. If I was to have access to more logs I could probably extend it to other models (given time)

    A list of the Sliders, labels and Indicators that I have working are :-
    KCanBusRR. Version 0.1 (Alpha)
    [Indicators Available]
    E84_LEFTIND  	; Left Indicator
    E84_RIGHTIND  	; Right Indicator
    E84_FOOT_BRAKE	; Foot brake pressed
    E84_CLUTCH	; Clutch depressed
    E84_REVERSE_SEL	; Reverse Gear Selected
    E84_WINDOW_FD	; Front Driver Window Open 
    E84_WINDOW_RD	; Rear Driver Window Open 
    E84_WINDOW_FP	; Front Passenger Window Open 
    E84_WINDOW_RP	; Rear Passenger Window Open 
    E84_DOOR_FD	; Front Driver door Open 
    E84_DOOR_RD	; Rear Driver door Open 
    E84_DOOR_FP	; Front Passenger door Open 
    E84_DOOR_RP	; Rear Passenger door Open 
    E84_LIGHTS	; Generic Indicator set if lights are on. (Side, Dip or Main)
    E84_HANDBRAKE	; Handbrake (Parking brake)
    E84_LIGHTS_SIDE	; Side Light Status
    E84_LIGHTS_DIP	; Dip Beam Status
    E84_LIGHTS_MAIN	; Main Beam Status
    E84_LIGHTS_FFOG	; Front Fog Light Status
    E84_LIGHTS_RFOG	; Rear Fog Light Status
    E84_CRUISE	; Cruise control on / off (See label E84_CRUSE_SPD for cruise control speed setting)
    E84_WIPERS	; Windscreen Wipers on / off (Set regardless of Wiper speed Int. / const or fast)
    [Labels available]
    E84_RPM		; Engine RPM (0 - 9999)
    E84_SPEED	; Engine Speed (MPH,As per Speedometer, 0-160)
    E84_ENGTEMP	; Engine Temperature (Engine, Water Temp, typ 92 DegC)
    E84_EXTTEMP	; External Temperature (As shown on instrument cluster)
    E84_THROTTLE	; Throttle position (0 - 100%)
    E84_VIN		; Displays the last 7 digits of the Vehicle VIN number. (Not sent very often)
    E84_PDC1	; Rear outer Left Sensor (0 - 255). 	Hint: Use Reverse gear indicator to signal the need to display these.
    E84_PDC2	; Rear inner Left Sensor (0 - 255) 	255 = nothing close, 0 = obstruction
    E84_PDC3	; Rear inner right Sensor (0 - 255)
    E84_PDC4	; Rear outer right Sensor (0 - 255)
    E84_RANGE_MI	; Range (Miles)
    E84_RANGE_KM	; Range (KM)
    E84_ODO_MI	; ODOMETER (Miles)
    E84_Date	; Car Date (European format, d,m,yyyy)
    E84_Time	; Car Time
    E84_BATTERY	; Battery Voltage
    E84_FUEL_L	; Left Fuel tank sensor level  
    E84_FUEL_R	; Right Fuel tank sensor level
    E84_PROD_DATE	; Production date of the car
    E84_SECONDS_PROD; Seconds elapsed since production.
    E84_AMB_LIGHT	; Ambient Light Sensor reading (0 - xxx), The dimple on the top of the dashboard! 
    E84_SOLAR	; Solar Sensor reading (0 - xxx).changes air-con depending on heat of the sun.
    E84_WHEEL_POS	; Steering wheel angle in Degrees (- is right hand down, + is left hand down)
    E84_CUSTOM1	; Display the CANBUS data from the ID of custom1 as defined in the ini file.
    E84_CUSTOM2	; Display the CANBUS data from the ID of custom2 as defined in the ini file.
    E84_INT_TEMP	; Internal cabin temperature
    E84_CRUISE_SPEED; Cruise control speed setting. (Indicator E84_CRUISE shows status)
    E84_CL_FAN	; Climate control fans speed
    E84_CL_TEMP	; Master (Driver) Climate control temperature setting.
    E84_WHEEL_SPDFD ; Front Driver individual Wheel speed (Used by DSC / ABS / Run flat detection)
    E84_WHEEL_SPDFP ; Front Passenger individual Wheel speed 
    E84_WHEEL_SPDRD ; Rear Driver individual Wheel speed
    E84_WHEEL_SPDRP ; Rear Passenger individual Wheel speed 
    #Key number?
    [Sliders available]
    E84_SLD_SPEED	; Speed Slider, 0 - 140MPH
    E84_SLD_RPM	; REV Slider 0 - 5500RPM (Low values as its Diesel!) Should I add a Higher Petrol version?
    E84_SLD_THROTTLE; Throttle Slider 0 - 100% 
    E84_SLD_PDC1	; Rear outer Left Sensor (0 - 255). 	255 = nothing close, 0 = obstruction. Raw value indicators also available.
    E84_SLD_PDC2	; Rear inner Left Sensor (0 - 255) 	
    E84_SLD_PDC3	; Rear inner right Sensor (0 - 255)
    E84_SLD_PDC4	; Rear outer right Sensor (0 - 255)
    #add a slider for steering wheel?
    [Steering Wheel Control]
    Vol+ Button	; Master Volume +
    Vol- Button	; Master Volume -
    Up Button	; Next playlist item
    Down Button	; Previous playlist item
    Rotate Button	; Play / Pause
    Phone Button	; Next screen (as defined in the KCanBusRR.ini file)
    Voice Button	; Previous screen (as defined in the KCanBusRR.ini file)
    Press and hold functions not yet implemented
    Automatic Reverse Skin Select:
    To automatically select the REVERSE.SKIN when reverse gear is selected, set Auto_Reverse to 1 in the ini file.
    Automatic Night Gamma:
    To automatically switch on night gamma when the lights are turned on set Auto_Gamma to 1 in the ini file.
    To log all incoming CANBUS data to file set logging to 1 in the ini file.
    Note that logs for long journeys will be big. This should only be used for debugging .

    My main question is:- Is this of use or interest to anyone?
    I am thinking of developing my own little Arduino board (Processor, USB, Canbus and Bluetooth?). This would be more specific to the car environment and be a much more compact board.

    At the moment I am using the Arduino Uno with a Can-Bus shield, 12V switched supply etc. This costs about 45 or $70. I could make an application specific version for about 35 / $55 + shipping.

    *Note that I have not released the plug-in in any form (Alpha or release) as I still have a small amount of tidying up to do with the code. Also I still have to work out how to create an installer....

    Edit: Jan/2013. An alpha version of the code is available in post #15
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    I don't have a new enough BMW for CANBUS yet, but in the future I might be interested.

    Or if I can ever persuade the missus to let me stick a PC in her car.

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    If you can read boost pressure, air and oil temps, etc... I'll be very interested in this for my 335i.
    2001 Lexus es300 carpc Complete!Lexus es300 thread Retired
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiike View Post
    If you can read boost pressure, air and oil temps, etc... I'll be very interested in this for my 335i.
    I think that it *should* be possible to read boost pressure, These are several ID's that have a quick and varied pattern to them, however I am less familiar with the readings obtained from things like, boost pressure, lambda sensors etc. I've now got hold of an OBD-II tool so I will try to sync up the readings from that with values from the K-can ID's.
    It is a time consuming task filtering and looking through ID's so this may take some time. The format of the values from the OBD-II ID's are different from that of the K-Can.

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    That would be a very cool project . I should like to see also a project for the MOST bus (AUDI,VW,PORSCHE ect...) :-(

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    I am interested in the ability to use the iDrive control with RR.

    I saw something from CarX/B7. Do you think that is something you can do?

    I'm just starting my research into carpc, mainly I started with soldering an aux in to the FM module, now I really want something that I can plug in my 500GB drive with all of the music.

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    Sorry for Offtopic, but do you have the sourcecode of last IBUSCommunicatoRR version?

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    Sounds interesting, and the good thing is I already have an arduino and canbus shield. Will the plugin be hard coded to specific BMW canbus ID's or will we be able to map ID's to functions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lodac View Post
    I saw something from CarX/B7. Do you think that is something you can do?
    Yes you should able to do something like the CarX/B7 project. The control from the iDrive* and wheel buttons should be simple. It would just take time to create the skin for RR (there may even be one available anyway?, I'm sure that I have seen one previously)

    *I don't have the idrive wheel in my car to test, however I have seen logs from an E65 posted elsewhere in the web I *think* the ID's are the same.
    If anyone is passing Swindon and is willing for me to take a log of their iDrive buttons, please let me know. Alternatively I will have to wait unti I get my car serviced and I'll see if I can get an iDrive car as a courtesy car!!

    Quote Originally Posted by harryberlin View Post
    Sorry for Offtopic, but do you have the sourcecode of last IBUSCommunicatoRR version?
    I don't think that the source-code for IBUSCommunicatoRR or IbusRR have ever been released. If it had been released it would certainly have made my job easier.
    I'm not a software person and I have sent a great deal of the past month working out how to make my code robust. On the whole my RR plug-in works well but it still crashes more than I would like. I'm having to learn how to error trap my code...

    Quote Originally Posted by that_kid View Post
    Will the plugin be hard coded to specific BMW canbus ID's or will we be able to map ID's to functions?
    Ultimately I could add flexibility within the .ini file to allow different functions for different presses of the steering wheel buttons. I think that IBusRR has this function.
    All of the labels, sliders and Indicators will be hard-coded.
    Is there a reason to allow mapping of these ID's? Something specific you had in mind?

    Incidentally I have now upgraded the OS on my carPC to Windows 8. My install was a from my old E46, it hadn't been re-installed for 4-years and was getting long in the tooth. At the moment I am battling with UAC and getting RR to auto start at boot-up. With UAC disabled in the registry I can get RR to auto-run at boot-up. However this nails the Metro apps.... more investigation required.

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    excuse my ignorance being unfamiliar with arduino, but why not setting the plugin on an elm327 chip based obdII adapter but an arduino with canbus shield?

    and yes, I would be interested in such hardware (without bluetooth) +software for RR if elm327 is not capable of doing the same thing.
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