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Thread: Cant get it to sort one directory

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    good point on the .m3u files, i dont use them myself

    in the folder with the songs, is just .mp3s (sometimes a cover.jpg)


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    Same here. No playlists floating around that I know of. I'll do a search.

    That's good info on the add1 and select.
    In audio_browser I use these commands
    ADD1 will add the folder to the playlist but stays in the audio_browser. I just tested SELECT and it pops you into audio_player and it browses into that folder if you go back to the browser.
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    I think I found what's doing it.
    It was guino's mention of how the 'add1' command works. ""ADD1" command on a folder name will let WINAMP (or whatever player) add the folder with the files in whatever order it sees best-fit."

    This led me to think that Winamp was the culprit. Turns out it's actually the windows filesystem. FAT32 vs. NTFS.
    I didn't connect the reformatting of my music drive to FAT32 because it was a few weeks prior and the music I'd played since then was playing in the right order.
    I'd reformatted the drive to FAT because I didn't need the overhead of NTFS. Not that it was that much and on a regular spinning drive wouldn't impact lifespan, but just thought it wasn't needed.
    Turns out that when a FAT drive delivers files to an app it does it by disk clusters as explained in this snip from a 2004 thread;

    FAT filesystems store file references in the FAT (file allocation table) record based on the disk clusters that contain the files whereas in NTFS files have an unique ID in the MFT (master file table).
    If Windows accesses the FAT record it gets the file information based on the disk clusters. That means if you start with a blank disk it gets the information for the oldest files first.
    If Windows accesses the MFT on NTFS it asks for the file ID and gets the results sorted by name.
    I've only tested on one directory at lunch. Created a new directory. Dropped two album folders into it in the wrong order. Winamp built the OTF playlist in that wrong order. Delete the albums and re-copy in the correct order and it played in the correct order.
    That would also explain why the media lists in RR would show things in the correct order. RR was sorting things by name and when Winamp was asked to make an OTF playlist from the directory it was not in the order shown because of the FAT thing.

    Tonight I'll reformat my music drive to NTFS and should be back to loving this thing again.
    Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for the help.

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