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Thread: command for popup

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    command for popup

    hello , the command for the menu popup close automatic only working in solid skin ? i try to put in transparent skin and dont working

    this command IDL,10

    thanks mikee

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    thats an empty command




    thats the proper use of the IDLE command, the deprecaited version is, "IDL,10" but then you need to have code in exctlb to process ONIDLE

    from history.txt

    + Screen Object Definition; IDLE - "IDL" additional option:
    ARGUMENT 2: is optional, this argument should be enclosed in quotes and is a command that will be executed
    when the idle time is exceeded. if this argument is not present, "ONIDLE" event is fired as usual.
    example: IDL,10,"CANCEL"
    This will execute "CANCEL" command after 10 seconds of IDLE.

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    let me try

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    WOWO ,work perfec with "CANCEL" perfect

    my friend , i find a scritp for the thermostat proyect what i talk to you , a find too a document with wifi module API , all command , how send you or post here ? thanks mikee

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