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Thread: 2 Issues with a fresh instal of RR

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    here is some info for you....
    fix your skin!!

    * Skin Indicator; "heading" changed to "RRGPSHeading"
    + Skin Label; "RRGPSHeading" shows "N", "NE", "E", "SE", "S", "SW", "W", "NW"

    RRGPSHeading indicator has a path to file


    for example

    so... go to you skin, and find all "HEADING2" and change to "RRGPSHeading"

    and put all the images in the skinpath....
    with the right naming N.jpg, NE.jpg...etc
    oh and NA.jpg too

    can be .png too... or .gif

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    GpsIndFix is now a part of the Bluezx3's RRExtended plugin , so you need to install this very cool plugin !
    = GpsIndFix Sect =

    Allows usage of additional GPS heading Indicator images to show both dir & Sat count all in one indicator
    The ind will indicate the Signal strength by changing the ind color by the number of satellites,
    meaning...weak(1-4), fair(5-6), good(7+)

    Ini Settings
    (rr.ini or skin.ini)
    GPSIndFolder=xxxx -(optional) Specifies a folderName inside a skin's folder that will be used for the indicator images,
    if not specified, will use the 'Heading Inds' folder in the plugin's folder for the images

    GPSIndFix_Enabled=(True/False) -Enables or disables this feature



    "HEADING2" -Name of indicator to show the GPS DIR &/or Signal Strength

    Addition Notes
    Accepts either jpg or png file extions, it will use whichever extention is on the ind graphi

    ****How to use the indicator*****

    To use the signal strength you must have the additional indicator graphics. These new
    graphic indicator file names are the direction(N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW) followed by a _x.(jpg/png),
    where x is 1-3 using the above as the guide lines. So "N_1.png" would be north with a weak signal
    where as "SE_3.png" would be southeast with a good satellite signal.

    Sample indicators are included in the 'Heading Ind' folder (iG style)

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