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Thread: RR hangs on "Starting Speech"...any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davekra View Post
    Sometimes I hate computers.
    DirectDraw is exactly where it stopped for me as well.

    It turns out winamp wasn't starting. I thought I'd start winamp for the drive home to at least listen to something and discovered the winamp service would start then immediately unload it's self.
    Now, I don't know why winamp wouldn't stay started. I did some searches but didn't come up with anything definitive. Since I was running an older version I uninstalled it and installed the latest. Now it all works again.
    Lotta good I am..... you're right - I had a problem with Winamp, too. Glad you figured it out.
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    if you see DirectDraw, speech was successful, usually DD count is like this: 21:19:46.617: DirectDraw Count: 2 - [] [{67685559-3106-11D0-B971-00AA00342F9F}]
    this means the DD is available...

    right after directdraw init, the CORE is ready to go...
    next is loading of global plugins then skin...

    if I could get my winamp to fail like you guys, im sure I could fix the hang

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