This is my first post on the forum so please bare with me.
I'm planning to install RR with DFX5.1.2 skin on HP DC7900 dualcore ultraslim pc
and mount in a 40' coach (RV). The display will be a 17" touchscreen or use
steering wheel controls with voice commands. I'm running Win7 Ultimate and RR 2013 and all seems
to work ok at 1024x768 res but the big problem is using GMPC 50070 which is the app I will use
the most. It loads full screen momentarily when the menu button is pressed but then the bar at the bottom
with the MENU, OSK etc appears and shifts the GMPC display up and chops off the top
of the display. The resize button at the bottom right of the GMPC screen no longer functions
to resize and I can't see the minimise/fullscreen/exit button at the top right.
I suspect there is also some thing displayed at the top left.
Is there anyway of making GMPC go full screen and/or cover the skin's bar at the bottom
until GMPC exit's or make it return to the menu. Maybe hidden buttons could be used
Otherwise it's a fantastic product.