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Thread: Button Close error

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    Button Close error

    hi , i have a few script with autoit ,what open fine , and close fine , but the button close dont change the color , my skin the button off is black , and button on is red , so when close the application , close fine but dont change the color the button , where is my error ? anyone know how fix that ? thanks mikee

    i forget put how i call and close

    for call i have

    "CAMERAIP","Load;;camera||RUN;$SkinPath $Scripts\CAMERA DVR.exe;camera"

    for close

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    how do you set the button ON to red?

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    the button is the same
    the skin have the 4 .png

    xxxx_on.png black button
    xxxx_on.png black button
    xxxx_off.png black button
    xxxx_down.png red button

    the problem is when i push that button on other app , audio , video ,picture , show perfect the red when i push , but with this app , camera what i make with autoit , when push the button to close , dont change to red button , all time show black button

    i dont know if understain me
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    may be change xxxx_donw.png by xxxx_down.png ?
    See what is your need on your .SKIN file in the third line !

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    hi my friend pierro ,no the down.png , is good , i write here bad , but in the skin flie is write good

    my skin file is this

    RideRunner Skin
    RRScreen CAMERA
    L,300,26,177,31,255,255,255,20,"HandelGotDLig:B"," =Camera","CENTER",,"ds=2,2,0,0,0"

    B21,3,3,84,55,"CLOSE||CLOSEWINDOW;CAMERA DVR",""


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