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Thread: Help with Editing Current Playlist

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    Help with Editing Current Playlist

    I'm trying to create a screen to edit the current playlist. My current attempt includes an S tag to display the active playlist plus the following buttons:
    1) exit
    2) Load audio_browser (to add new songs)
    3) Minus1 (to remove the selected song)
    4) Clearlist
    5) Savelist (to save the current playlist to a file)

    The problem I am having is that I cannot find anyway to load the current playlist into the S tag.

    I've tried including an IL (IL,PL,transparent.bmp,sel.bmp,end.bmp,1,20,70) but that hasn't worked.

    Without the playlist being displayed Minus1 doesn't work.

    Load audio_browser and Clearlist do work.

    I've done nothing yet to implement savelist.

    Is there any way to do what I want?

    BTW, my audio_browser used to have two panes: one included the standard directory list (in an S tag) and the other pane displayed the current playlist ( I think in a second S tag but may be in a J tag). Unfortunately that scrren doesn't work with the current version of Riderunner.

    ANy help would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Since no one has replied to this, there is obviously no way to display the current playlist for editing, except in the audio_player screen. So that is what I did: I added the playlist editing buttons to my audio_player screen, which now looks like this:

    Name:  Audio_Player_Off.jpg
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    I think that being able to edit playlists independent of the audio_player screen would be a useful addition to Riderunner.

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