I have the subject system with Classic Shell and RR running as administrator from the desktop (no Modern or Metro desktop is used).

I am having a problem with slow screen to screen transition that shows the desktop in the embed area. Most embed areas don't specify clipping.

Also, if the skin contains numerous image and label fields (to show data) and no embed area, during refresh all the label and image areas show the bits of the desktop for about a second in the label/image area and many of the image areas don't show the image (icon) sometimes. I have tried to match image/icon size to the image area size.

The skins are written at 800/600 and the screen is 1366x768.

The RR refresh time is 1 second (10 x 1/10th).

The system is a 1.8 GHz dual core machine that shows (via the RR variable) about 25% CPU at the highest during transition to a low of 5-7% when "at rest".

The display adapter is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator and all of the drivers for all devices are current as is Windows 8.0.

There a numerous background support programs running but they all show 0% CPU (via Task manager) unless they are the active application.

All of this works just fine on a Windows 7 1.2 GHz laptop.

Any thoughts?