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Thread: Roadrunner with EWF Questions

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    Roadrunner with EWF Questions

    For those using Roadrunner with EWF. I've searched and haven't found any info on this specific aspect. I know for other updates (maintenance) like skins, plugins, etc you can disable EWF and commit changes. How do you handle updates in Roadrunner to radio presets, playlists, navigation history, phonebook updates like contacts, dialed, received, etc?



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    You can do it in command prompt.

    ewfmgr c: -commitanddisable -live

    That disables the write overlay and commits all changes.


    ewfmgr c: -enable

    will re-enable the overlay at next boot.

    You can make batch files and run them with RR buttons if you dont want to type it in every time.
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    none of that data is stored in the EWF partition
    or at least should be.... RideRunner will move its data to the HORM Drive

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