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Thread: RUNQ problem

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    RUNQ problem

    I have been out of the game for a while... at least a year, but I just installed the newest RR.

    I'm having an issue with RUNQ command.

    I want to copy the contents of one directory to another. Here is my command.

    RUNQ;cmd.exe|/C COPY "$skinpath$THEME\$THEMECOLOR$\SCREENS" "$skinpath$"

    I can manually run this in the windows run utility and it works. Here is what I use in the windows utility.


    RR will execute the command, but the files are not copied. The variables are showing correctly according to the skin tool. Anybody have any ideas why? I know this used to work.


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    I found the problem. I believe when Windows 8 was released, the cmd was updated and must be they changed something in Windows 7 as well.

    Instead of using RUNQ;cmd.exe...

    I changed it to RUNQ;C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe...

    Now I just need to check the skin for other cmd.exe commands!

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