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Thread: Remove-Hide RR build date on startup

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    Remove-Hide RR build date on startup

    Now that the MP3CAR community has pretty much stopped or down to a crawl on development (Believe me I am not complaining at all) as I couldn't even imagine anymore features to add so I am happy.

    Is there a way to remove-hide RR build date on start up of RR?
    I will be probably the only person in 10 years still using RR in my car and would like to hide the build date.


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    Sure try this,......

    Delete the whole line in your "" file that has "RRVER" in it, which is located inside any RR skin.

    ie: (this is from the DFX5 skin)

    L,14,559,168,27,205,240,249,19,"Larabiefont:B","RR VER","LEFT"

    Good luck.

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    Worked perfect.


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