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Thread: Anybody have source for WiFiMan .Net

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    Anybody have source for WiFiMan .Net

    I have been trying to locate the source for the WiFiMan .Net plugin. (not the original WiFiMan plugin)

    I have tried PMs to El Camino and Carputer1 but I guess they are no longer tracking what goes on here, I know I'm not on the forum much any more.

    My reason is that I have moved all of my Riderunner components to a Windows 8 tablet and WiFiMan .Net doesn't work correctly on Windows 8.

    While I can certainly write my own, it would be much easier to start with the current source.

    So if anyone can help with this, let me know.


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    These sources are the propriety of El Camino and only him can give you these sources !!!

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    El camino has gone a bit quiet of late.

    Even on the FreeICE forum where he is now the main coder fro FreeICE.

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    Yep, that's what I noticed.

    I tried a PM to no avail.

    I'll wait a few more days and then I guess I'll have to start writing my own and figure out how custom lists work.


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