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Thread: plugins and skins

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    Question plugins and skins

    I know that is a very silly question.
    but this is giving me a headache.
    down several plugins.
    plus most is for the default skin.
    I use DFX5.
    I like to be able to use on my skin?
    thank you very much
    and sorry for the English. I'm using google translator

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    Most plugins are provided with files for the default carwings skin, this is so they can work with the original install and little or no modification.

    It is then up the skin creators to do the files for the plugins for their skin.

    Sometimes other users will create skin files for someone else's skin if they have not done it.

    Maybe list the plugins you want to work with DFX5 (surprised they aren't already skinned as DFX5 is one of the most popular and has most of the plugins and features already skinned for)

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