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Thread: Computer wakes up groggy and slow from sleep state. :)

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    Computer wakes up groggy and slow from sleep state. :)

    Anyone have any suggestions on troubleshooting on why it takes a long time for RR to resume playing after in sleep state?

    The longer it sleeps the longer it takes to resume playing after the computer wakes up.

    If I shut off the car and computer goes into sleep mode come back in 15 minutes-1 hour it wakes up and resumes playing pretty fast. Usually within a few seconds after it gets back into windows & RR.

    If I wait a day or more it takes a good minute-2 minutes until RR starts playing again after RR is on the screen.

    I can touch the screen and the cursor moves around but RR will not respond to any touches until it starts playing again 1-2 minutes later.


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    @Philip21: are you using foobar? I have fatal system freezings when Foobar is configured as music player.
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