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Thread: Customs Labels as RR sliders

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    Customs Labels as RR sliders

    I try to create a custom slider that return me a time slot between 2 hours :
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    My settings are defined into the skin.ini file:

    The first timer start at 00:00 (24h) and finish at 12:00 (24h)

    As you can see on the picture , i have gap between this picture and my settings !

    My code:
        Public Function BuilsTimerSlider(ByVal timernb As String) As String
            BuilsTimerSlider = ""
            dt = SKININI.ReadString("X10TIMERS", "Timer" & timernb, "").Split("|") 'Timer1=1|00:00|12:00|WeekDays
            Dim dFrom9 As DateTime
            Dim dTo9 As DateTime
            Dim Date9From As String = dt(1)
            Dim Date9To As String = dt(2)
            If DateTime.TryParse(Date9From, dFrom9) AndAlso DateTime.TryParse(Date9To, dTo9) Then
                Dim TS1 As TimeSpan = dFrom9 - CType("00:00", DateTime)
                Dim TS2 As TimeSpan = dTo9 - dFrom9
                Dim hour1 As Integer = TS1.Hours
                Dim mins1 As Integer = TS1.Minutes
                Dim hour2 As Integer = TS2.Hours
                Dim mins2 As Integer = TS2.Minutes
                Dim timeDiff As String = ""
                For i = 1 To ((hour1) * 60) + mins1 Step 5 'with font Arial
                    timeDiff &= Space(1)
                For i = 1 To ((hour2) * 60) + mins2 Step 5 'with font Arial
                    timeDiff &= "|"
                Return timeDiff
            End If
        End Function
    I use this code into 8 labels:
                    'timer's sliders
                Case "x10_timer1_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(1)
                Case "x10_timer2_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(2)
                Case "x10_timer3_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(3)
                Case "x10_timer4_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(4)
                Case "x10_timer5_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(5)
                Case "x10_timer6_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(6)
                Case "x10_timer7_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(7)
                Case "x10_timer8_slider"
                    ReturnLabel = BuilsTimerSlider(8)
    Can i symply it ? Do i have an error ?

    Does exist another method with real RR sliders ?

    Thanks for all help !
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    oh cool idea to use labels as slider.

    an other way could be to set a var and use in indicator. but you need a lot of graphics.

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