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Thread: OSKTEXT issue

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    OSKTEXT issue

    I try to read a var from the skin.ini file to the OSKTEXT var !
    Into my skin.ini file:

    But the line that follow return me only 'x10sendplc'
    SDK.Execute("OSKTOCMD;CMDOn;x10_timer_editcmd1onwr ite||OSKTEXT;" & Timer1CMDOn)

    If i replace the ; by , and || by ++ then i can read all my line into the OSK editor and change the line !
    SDK.Execute("OSKTOCMD;CMDOn;x10_timer_editcmd1onwr ite||OSKTEXT;" & Timer1CMDOn.Replace(";", ",").Replace("||", "++"))

    Does exist a solution without change method ?

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    why do you want use the string in osk?

    you can set the values to seperate vars
    and read the var to execute with your plugin
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    I want the possibility to edit my X10 command .
    An other solution would to create a specific OSK screen , but i don't want that !

    The problem is OSKTEXT;$MYVAR$ don't accept specific characters into $MYVAR$ as ';' or '||' .

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