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Thread: Only 16383 Songs Loaded Into RR Playlist

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    Only 16383 Songs Loaded Into RR Playlist

    After a wipe of my hard drive and reinstall of RR I'm having an odd playlist issue. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have a very large music collection. Though Itunes is lousy for many things it's quite good for making playlists. So I will use Itunes to sometimes make very large playlists and then export the Itunes playlist to an m3u playlist file that can then be accessed by Winamp. I recently created a playlist in itunes that has 23k songs (I know, why does anybody need a playlist that big?) and exported it to an m3u file using the Itunes export feature. I can open that playlist in Winamp and Winamp will display and play all 23k songs; however, loading that playlist into RR displays only 16,383 songs in the playlist. Furthermore, if I have Winamp visible while RR is running the Winamp playlist shows only 16383 songs also. If I remove a couple of thousand songs from the itunes playlist (but still over 16,383), export that smaller playlist and load in RR RR will still show only 16383 songs. I'm using the DFX skin, but the same thing happens with Carwings. I can create and load large playlists in RR just fine.

    So there is some reason that a large m3u playlist file exported from iTunes can be loaded into Winamp in its entirety, but can't be loaded into RR in its entirety. Any thoughts?

    Update: I found a program called Itunes Export that will convert the Itunes playlist in a manner that allows RR to load the entire playlist. The Itunes playlist exporter must export in m3u and m3u8 formats that RR is not entirely comfortable with.
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