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Thread: RideRunner freezes after awake from hibernate

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    RideRunner freezes after awake from hibernate

    Hi *,

    I experince a problem with my RideRunner installation running under XP.
    After awaking from hibernate Riderunner is frozen and doesn't react on interaction. Also no music is playing.
    I can switch via keyboard to process manager and kill RR and restart it from desktop. When I close RR before hibernation and start it manually or restart the computer everything works.
    Today, however, I got some temporary freezes on skipping to next track.

    Yes, i tried with Carwings, I tried to update RR to the newest, I switched from winamp to foobar and back.

    Any thoughts?

    best regards,
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    CarPc: intel D945CLF2, 7"-Touchscreen, RoadRunner, IGo8
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    attach a debug.txt

    might show something

    also... minimize... remove plugins(copy out of folder, or rename plugins folder), and keep it simple

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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