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Thread: is riderunner dead?

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    is riderunner dead?

    site seems to be down, is this the beginning of the end?
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    I decided to put Windows 8.1 on the carpc and I've been waiting a few days for the ride runner install haha Might have to just find an old one
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    I'm looking for the software as well! Anyone who can help out? shoot me a pm

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    I sure hope not I'm in the middle of upgrading my skin for my new win 8.1 system as well just fighting with the vista mixer balance issues, may have to write something myself. anyway I have a version from 5/5/14 i can sen you if you can't find anything newer.

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    jtm I sent you a PM

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    I believe that RR has been dead for a while, the rest just see that now does not intervene any more, and these problems are not resolved for years. This software was rewritten from scratch, but apparently the author does not have time to spend that kind is free of charge. I guess we'll have to throw out Centrafuse; (

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    the software was DEFINITELY not written from scratch because there's no way they would have restarted with VB6 again. Anyway, Mitch just updated it for July and its still hosted on his private FTP. I'm sure a new download link will be made available soon. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Subscribing in case the link gets posted here .
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    Nope, RR is not dead.... Just looks like NISU is not going to be releasing a paid version. It is now freely downloadable and the nag / registration screen has been removed. Check the first post in the August 2014 release thread Mitch started.
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