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Thread: Using iTunes playlists in RR

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    Using iTunes playlists in RR

    I have all my iTunes playlists set up on my home PC, what's the best way to export those to a USB stick so that they can be played in RR on the car PC?

    I don't want to copy all the music to the car, just play the playlists from the USB drive.

    I used iTunesFusion to export one of my lists to ThumbDrive\Music including an M3U playlist. I pointed the Music and Playlist location in RR Config to the USB drive\Music. RR sees all the folders of the artists, but doesn't display my playlist at all.

    Any tips would be great. Thanks!

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    the m3u file must have the fullpath of your audiofile.
    most m3u files has just the filename.
    rr needs the full path.

    E:\RR_SKINS\Testmusik\2012-10-27 George Morel & Friends.mp3
    E:\RR_SKINS\Testmusik\2013-04-24_harrykleinpodcast_liza_i_love_you_spring_april_ 2013.mp3
    E:\RR_SKINS\Testmusik\2013-05-26 - Sonntagsbrunch on MTH House with Marcapasos + Sugar D..mp3

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    I switched back to the Carwings Dynamic Lite that comes bundled with RR and it worked fine, so I think the issue was with the skin not loading previously created playlist files.

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