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Thread: Audio playback from USB stick?

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    Audio playback from USB stick?

    Pretty much all newer car stereos support playback from USB now - just put your stick in the slot, and the contents are auto-loaded into the stereo's playlist, allowing you to scan immediately through the available tracks.

    In contrast, for audio players like Winamp, you have to click ADD NEW playlist, navigate to the folder, click ADD, wait for it to loads the contents.... it's not so easy.

    So is there a plugin/audio player that offers such a functionality to RR users?

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    Not sure there is Plugin which does it at present.

    Currently with a combination of RRUpd8 and RRMedia you could automatically copy the music on to the PC and then have the tracks added to the playlists.

    Otherwise a new plugin would be required

    Should be a fairly easy thing to do.

    Detect USB insertion.

    Check for files with music extensions.

    Add these to a playlist.

    Then play playlist.

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