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Thread: Donations

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    Just sent you $10...
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    Minus fee's of course...

    Guino's got to be thankfull for all these donations...

    I have to say thanks to all that have donated, you just can't find customer support like this anymore for free...

    Keep those updates comming.....
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    Guino, I thought it was time to send some money your way for your great work and support. Just sent you $15.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino
    Well, I'm not here begging for money (I do have a real job), BUT if you would like to give me some incentive to keep on working on this project, you can use the "Make a Donation" button in the following link:

    So far I have used my own money and free time to work and obtain parts and develop the software as you see now. I am pretty satisfied with the software the way it is already (for my personal use), but while there's support, I'll keep on trying to provide you with means to improve the software for users (you). I can only hope that we'll have more skins, plugins (etc) integrated with RR in the future.

    If you really, really want me to work on support for some specific card/device, you can probably just send me the card/device OR at least, let me borrow it for testing (I have no use for more stuff than what I have in my car). Just PM me if you'd like to discuss something of that nature.

    Thanks for your support!

    A Very Special Thanks to those who have made Donations:

    tolisn - $10 (first donation ever)
    Partybuster - $5
    MGD - $20
    zorro -$20
    vortex - $21
    Blue ZX3 -$15
    ATXaccord05 - $10
    Kuo - $20
    GRod - $50
    J. Gasque - $10
    CherokeeChief - $10
    Blue ZX3 - $15
    cyberlancer - $30 - $10
    DJBac - $20
    rgardjr - $25
    ildena - $15
    contaygious - $30
    Achiever - $5
    dougmorgan99 - $30
    Javiles - $15
    Peoples - $15
    michaelrj9 - $50
    DigitalDog - $50
    rsivan - $10
    aseraj - $25
    slwaldock - $15
    Heckle0 - $10
    Chita79 - $15
    BadAndy - $15
    BlueZX3 - $20
    contaygious - $30
    Tim M. - $50
    Trazer - $15
    oi, how come you havent added my donation yet

    GUINO> Sometimes Paypal misses some notifications by email.. sorry..
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    gonna have to buy yourself a new car & carputer soon with the donation money commin in here
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    yeah... but with my current bills, I doubt it.. I'm hoping to get some tax refund to just get by this month -- just in time for home and car insurance payments ...

    But I really appreciate the great support given so far!! Thank you very very much!!
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    Just donated $20.00 for your hard work, will donate further when I get paid.

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    let me know how to donate other that paypal, it does not allow anyone from south africa to use it

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    I donated $4... I know you deserve more than that but all I had in my bank account is $4.02 right now, soo

    From one programmer to another, and thanks for the continued work.

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    $25 Donation sent, thanks for the hard work and updates!!!!!

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