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Thread: RR Customization and other...

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    RR Customization and other...

    Hi to all,
    I'm looking to switch to RR, but I need a customization of the skin for "Jeep" brand. I have some skin for MediaCar... but I don't know how make it work for RR.
    Another point is about "TV" and "Phone". I have a Terratec Cinergy 600TV and it could be compatible with the Winamp TV plugin. The problem is that I don't know how "create" the TV button on the skin.
    Same problem for the "Phone", I'm using the "Phone Control" from Zorro...

    Anyone could help me? Thanks!

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    it works

    hi, i've just bought the same TV card and it works perfectly!
    to integrate use the skin provided by ildena (do a quick search of the RR forum ...) and the latest binary. yhe winamp plugin is perfect. Just no phone or radio control by the moment (but u can embedd the cinergy FM tuner front end in the APPS section, it works).


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